Blueburra is joining forces with Raak to strengthen its digital strategy and solutions services.

Blueburra, a leading provider of cutting-edge digital solutions, proudly announces the joining of forces with Raak, a prominent commerce solutions provider. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for Blueburra as it continues to expand and reinforce its position in Australia. The move will significantly benefit clients from both organisations with greater capacity to continue to build innovative digital solutions for Australia’s leading brands.
The integration of Raak into Blueburra's team will enhance the company's service offerings significantly. By incorporating Raak's expertise, Blueburra will now provide a more comprehensive suite of services, perfectly complementing its existing solutions. This synergy will enable Blueburra to offer clients a seamless experience across various digital platforms, from digital strategy through to development and support.
In addition to joining forces with Raak, Blueburra has recently joined the Nxtlvl Group. This strategic integration reflects Nxtlvl and Blueburra's aspiration to extend its international footprint. It marks a significant milestone and the next evolutionary step for Blueburra. This strategic move not only amplifies Blueburra's capabilities but also positions it at the forefront of the global digital landscape. By aligning with Nxtlvl Group, Blueburra gains access to a vast array of resources, expertise, scale and opportunities that will propel its growth and expand its appeal. This alliance signifies a pivotal moment in Blueburra's journey, reflecting its commitment to innovation and excellence. As the partnership unfolds, there is much anticipation for the future as Blueburra continues to enhance its market position and deliver cutting-edge digital solutions to clients worldwide. 
Stay tuned for more exciting news as Blueburra by Nxtlvl embarks on this transformative journey.

Bas de Kort - Blueburra

“We are very excited that we’ve been able to join forces with Raak and Nxtlvl Group. As individual entities, we have been working towards common goals for many years. However, now we can align our passion and expertise together and present a stronger offering to our combined clients than we could have ever provided separately. This is the next step in our combined evolution.”

About Raak

As a trusted Commerce partner, Raak has been dedicated to creating striking, fully integrated websites since its founding in 2015. Raak’s team of developers and designers has always been committed to delivering top-notch solutions that prioritise both aesthetics and user experience. From crafting seamless user interfaces to implementing cutting-edge features, Raak has consistently strived to make online experiences easy and enjoyable.
Its dedication to excellence has been recognised by industry leaders, including BigCommerce. In 2021, Raak was honoured to be named the BigCommerce New Partner of the Year and the recipient of the Best UX/UI Award. In 2022 it followed up by winning the BigCommerce APAC Headless Award.

Peter Lodewijks - Raak

“We are incredibly thrilled about joining forces with Blueburra and the Nxtlvl Group. This represents a powerful union of expertise, innovation, and passion for delivering unparalleled solutions in the digital landscape. Together, we're poised to elevate the industry standard, offering our clients a comprehensive suite of services that seamlessly integrate striking design, user-centric functionality, and unparalleled support. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for all involved, and we can't wait to embark on this journey of growth and success together."

About Nxtlvl Group

Nxtlvl Group is a small but significant Dutch agency group, providing peace of mind to larger midmarket companies by building, integrating, and levelling-up their Digital Commerce platforms.

Marc van Helden - Nxtlvl Group

“By strengthening Blueburra with the Raak team and adding both to Nxlvl Group, we are able to strengthen both our position in the Australian market and our position in the Dutch market. Last year there has already been a close cooperation between both Australian companies and our Dutch operating company Nxtlvl on our largest customers, providing high quality, a large scalability and extended service windows.”